They work quietly in the shadows. They are considered part of the supporting cast, not the leading actors. They aren’t the ones who bask in the cheers whenever a big deal closes.

But make no mistake, Sales Operations professionals are becoming the heart and soul of the modern revenue-generation team.

With that in mind, this list is about recognizing some of the Sales Ops people who make all of that happen. Their time for recognition has come.

  • Rickie Goyal – Senior Director of Worldwide Operations at Nutanix
  • Guillermo Pedroni – Director of CRM Applications at Telogis
  • Neil Sheth – VP of Sales Operations at App Annie
  • Laura Kornacka – Sales Operations Manager at
  • Archana Ranjan – Director of CRM Systems & Operations at EnterpriseDB
  • Justin Guerra – Sales Operations at Kentik
  • Debra Estrada – VP of Global Sales Operations at Gigamon
  • Juan Galvis – Americas Sales Operations at Palo Alto Networks
  • Sean Passanisi – Sales Operations at Lever
  • Channing Ferrer – VP of Sales Operations and Strategy at HubSpot
  • Kristen Podger – Sales Operations Manager at Pendo
  • Dan Bacon – Director of Sales Operations at New Relic